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Stacy Jolna 
Stacy is an executive producer and media industry innovator at the crossroads of programming, marketing and digital technology. Jolna has helped launch and grow game-changing TV, digital, mobile, and social media businesses: TiVo, CNN, Microsoft/WebTV, Newscorp/TV Guide, ClixTV.  A founding executive at TiVo, he helped drive the company from concept to Billion-dollar market cap.  He was named to Ad Age’s “Marketing 100” &  “i20” leading new media executives. His television productions have earned a Peabody award and multiple Emmy’s & Gold Medals in the NY Film Festival.   

Yvette Bethel 

Yvette is a consultant, award winning author, trainer, coach, E.Q. practitioner, speaker and Fulbright Scholar who put her acquired skills and varied experiences to good use throughout her career.  She has accumulated over 20 years experience in a Fortune 500 company prior to launching her consulting firm, Organizational Soul, which has been in existence for 11 years.

Yvette recognizes organizations operate based on the universal principles of interconnectivity, flow and balance. She understands everything is connected: people, policies, performance, and strategies. When people are encouraged to work from their strengths and develop skills that effectively manage disruptive dynamics, a natural balance emerges encouraging optimal performance. Balance is an ongoing activity – not an event. It fluctuates and flows, influenced by change both within the workplace and externally. It is both personal and communal.

Yvette developed the proprietary Interconnectivity, Flow and Balance™ (IFB) framework to help leaders who desire a cutting edge road map which can help them navigate cultural transformation, strengthen leaders and create organizational sustainability. This system is based on a foundation of integrity, mindfulness and trust and is the impetus behind her vision behind the movement, Operation Cultural Liberation.

As a consultant, Yvette also supports clients with planning and implementing HR strategies that can lead to positive change which include alignment of organizational charts with strategy, creating internal communication plans, implementing performance management solutions.  Demand has steadily grown for developing and implementing leadership and people development strategies and this is something Yvette is especially passionate about.  She provides these and other organizational strengthening services in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Yvette Bethel is the author of the CD audiobook, “Your Workplace Survival Kit” and books: “E.Q. Librium; and “Getting to E.Q. Librium” which received a USA Best Book Award in the category of self-help. Yvette is currently authoring the book, “Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance.” As a conference presenter, Yvette has presented at numerous professional conferences which include the 2013 Nexus EQ Conference at Harvard Medical School.

Frank M Siu, Partner, FMS Global Services

Frank M. Siu is a technology sales veteran with a highly successful track record of serving companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500.  Frank’s primary expertise is data center management and information security and he bases his work on a detailed understanding of infrastructure, application management and security best practices.

He is dedicated to discovering creative ways of solving complex problems. He is passionate about customer service and always exceeds his clients' expectations.

 Frank Siu started his technology background in engineering 33 years ago, moved into sales engineering and eventually into sales and sales management.  He has spent the last 16 years in direct sales and partner sales mainly working with large enterprises and Global 1000 companies.

 In early 2000, Frank sold managed Hosting and ASP services to southern CA companies like the County of Los Angeles, DreamWorks, Toshiba and others.  He built a sales team and had profit and loss responsibility while at CBC Consulting in 2003.  Under Frank’s direction CBC became a supplier of professional services to Verizon and their customers.  CBC developed a practice with Cisco for CSA deployment and became Cisco’s go-to partner in Southern CA.  CBC had over 60 customers in Southern CA from SMB to the County of LA.

From 2004 to 2008 Frank joined Verizon Business and gained a solid reputation in Southern CA for providing security services and consulting to Experian, Petco, Blizzard Entertainment and others.  He also built up a solid base of managed security services within the auto market: Toyota Motor Sales & Toyota Manufacturing, American Honda, Yamaha, and Mitsubishi.  He also had a number of risk management program clients, including Pacific Life Mutual Insurance, and Country Wine Baskets.

While at NTTA Frank was involved with providing unique turn-key solutions to large enterprise companies with a   focus in Media and Entertainment: Disney, Warner Bros, Sony and others.  His role in 2011 changed to build a channel with global System Integrators:  Infosys, Tata, HCL, and Compucom; providing hosted infrastructure services to global companies.

From 2013-2015 he joined the HP security services team to meet the needs of large Financial Services like Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab, CSAA Insurance, AMEX, VISA, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, City National Bank and Travelers Insurance.  Frank helped develop a NIST based standards approach with risk management for Insurance providers.

After gaining additional experience at Absolute Software, an end-point software company, Frank has been an independent consultant. Among his current clients is a Media & Entertainment company wanting to improve their video streaming capabilities in Tokyo.  He is also launching a new data center business to serve the needs of the largest Hi-Tech companies in the U.S.

Cinegrid@Disney Demonstration: 2011 Award from CENIC, Frank Siu while at NTT worked with a number of Cinema experts to develop and demonstrate remote collaboration workflows for cinema post-production.  This was in cooperation with NTT, Disney, The City of Burbank, Calrens Skywalker Sound, Digital Domain, UCSD and Pacific Interface.  This created a newly adopted method and workflow for the studios in cinema post-production.

Third Party Security Compliance Program: 2007, Co-developed third party compliance program for one of the top three credit agencies to ensure companies that resold their products would not introduce risk into the company’s enterprise.  All third party resellers had to meet industry-defined controls within their own company as a mandatory step to sell the credit agency’s products.

North America Dealer Network:  Developed and deployed a large North American auto manufacturer’s Toyota dealer network to support training for technicians, sales and marketing materials, and parts inventory search.  Solution included turn-key network security, bandwidth and enterprise level SLA

Frank enjoys sports of all types and is a fan of professional sports teams (Chargers, Padres) and San Diego State basketball and football.  He also enjoys the outdoors; hiking, skiing and golfing in Lake Tahoe.

He has been married for 29 years and has two sons in college: the oldest is a mechanical engineer in Solana Beach and the youngest is studying to become a commercial airline pilot.  His wife runs an independent direct sales business with over 1,000 members in her network.

Curt Lewis, CEO, Xtream Data Centers
Curt Lewis is a technology sales veteran with a highly successful track record serving companies ranging from Start-Ups to the Fortune 500.  Curt’s expertise resides at executive level with Sales, Marketing, and Operations experience within the Telecommunications/Data Center, Cloud, Managed Hosting, and Security Services sector.

He is dedicated to discovering creative ways of solving complex problems of reducing CAPEX, growing top line revenue, improving IRR, and sales acquisition for top named clients. 

Curt started his technology background in Sales and grew into Sales Management as a Vice President/Senior Vice President and CEO for 7 companies over the past 23 years. He is a highly skilled negotiator, leader and visionary within the High-Tech Industry.

In the 1980’s Curt began his career at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) which eventually was acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP).  He consistently exceeded his sales quota at DEC and was eventually promoted to Sales Leadership on the West Coast.

In 1990 Curt was recruited to Fujitsu/Amdahl as the Western Area Sales Vice-President.  Curt played a crucial role in acquiring a $350M contract with Boeing to support their first, “All Digital Aircraft”, read the 777 deployment which included their downstream suppliers, like GE, Pratt Whitney, Rolls Royce, FUJI & MITSUBISHI Heavy.  He also developed a joint marketing program with Sun Microsystems, now Oracle, that offered large enterprise companies a Best of Breed Client/Server solution.

In 1995 Curt was recruited to a Start-Up Colocation, Managed Hosting and Professional Services company which was acquired by Qwest Communications in 1995.  Curt was the Vice-President of Strategic Sales and built a team from the ground up that eventually acquired new logos like DISNEY, UNIVERSAL, WARNER Communications, SONY, Microsoft, ORACLE, Wells Fargo, AMEX & GOOGLE.  From a business development perspective, he negotiated key Bandwidth, CPU & Storage on Demand Strategic Partnerships with Intel, Hewlett Packard/HDS & EMC. The result of this collaboration was coined the “Utility Compute Platform” which today we refer to as, Cloud Computing.

In 2001 Curt was recruited by a large Japanese multinational, Itochu Technology to start a Colocation and Managed Hosting company in the U.S. named Netvein Communications.  Netvein acquired new business from Sanwa Bank, Canon, Hitachi, SAP and Google.  Curt acquired a San Francisco & New Jersey data center and negotiated Tier 1 ISP relationships with ATT, Verizon, SingTel, Qwest, and BT. It was during this timeframe that he provided his technical expertise and oversight to launch the first ISP in Malaysia named the KLIX, Kuala Lumpur Internet Xchange. It ushered in Utility (Cloud) Computing, Remote & Distance Learning and because of the speed & security it offered, is still in use today. 

Curt moved to Savvis in 2004 and became the Vice President/Strategic Sales for Western Region to include, Silicon Valley.  While at Savvis Curt was the #1 Sales Teams in North America, acquiring new logos like Apple, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Yahoo, Google, Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab, EBAY, MICROSOFT/MSN and others.  He negotiated the Hitachi Disaster Recovery and Backup Solution for all Savvis Data Centers in North America.  Savvis owned its own CDN and offered enterprise video content management/streaming for special events, training & distance learning to the commercial market.

In 2007 Curt was recruited to NTT America as Senior Vice President of Strategic Sales in North America.  He hired a team to sell Colocation, Managed Hosting and Security services to clients like Facebook, Hewlett Packard, Twitter, Yahoo, DISNEY, Lucas Film, PIXAR, Akamai, and others.  Curt developed the Strategic Channel Partner Sales Program and negotiated key Channel Partnerships with a Global $15b Systems Integrator in Infosys and with SAIC ($35b) who both secured & won opportunities from Enterprise Global 1000 companies. At Curt’s direction CineCloud was created for the M&E Sector which offered a breakthrough in Remote Collaboration Services for digital media Post-Production. CineCloud made it technically feasible and economically practical for creative professionals to work together at a distance over private GigE/10GigE/100GigE networks using real-time Voice/Video Collaboration Services worldwide.

In 2012 Curt brought 2 Partners together and secure capital to design and build a large data center campus in Sacramento. As the CEO of Xtream Data Center; Curt negotiated the acquisition of the property and raised capital to build 8 buildings, 1 million square feet, at the former McClellan Park in Sacramento.

Cinegrid@Disney Demonstration: 2011 Award from CENIC: While at NTT Comm: Curt worked with several Cinema Experts to develop and demonstrate Remote Collaboration Workflows, read Cloud Platform, for Cinema Post-Production.  This was in cooperation with NTT, Disney, The City of Burbank, Carlen’s, Skywalker Sound, Digital Domain, UCSD and Pacific Interface.  This created a newly adopted method and workflow for the studios in Cinema Post-Production and is still in use today.

CPU & Storage on Demand:  Developed Strategic Partnerships while at Qwest Communications with key OEMs; Hewlett Packard, HDS, and EMC to pioneer the industry’s first Storage on Demand offering. Intel provided On Demand CPU Infrastructure providing scalability for instantaneous High Frequency Computing. Bandwidth, CPU & Storage on Demand was coined, Utility Computing & today is called CLOUD Computing.

Boeing 777 Supply Chain:  In 1990 Curt negotiated a $350M contract in support of the Boeing 777 that included their Supply Chain for GE, Pratt Whitney & Rolls Royce, the Triple 7 Engine Makers along with Mitsubishi and Fuji Heavy, who fabricated the 777 cabin/fuselage.

Curt enjoys sports of all types and is a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Rams and any sports associated with the University of Southern California.  He has been married for 37 years and has two children; the oldest son is a graduate of UCLA and is a Marketing Executive with the NBA for the Los Angeles Clippers and his daughter, also a UCLA graduate, is a Sales/Marketing Executive with a Louis Vuitton.  His wife is a Professional Educator for the Santa Cruz City Schools.