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welcome to hollywood portfolio

hollywood portfolio is dedicated to
creating "must have", next generation, transmedia consumer applications and experiences. We work with media and consumer brands to generate targeted audience online, through social media, and across all connected devices. Our focus:

  • Transmedia including Social Media Strategy
  • Transmedia Production
  • Applications Development
  • Programming
  • Content Aggregation and Distribution
  • Business Planning and Development
  • Revenue Generation,
    Brand Integration, and Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
Transmedia programming reaches targeted audiences across all media, including online, connected TV, iPhone, iPad, Android based mobile phones, tablets, and other connected devices. It is similar to traditional media as consumers are presented with “packaged programming”. It is fundamentally different from traditional media as consumers can interact, contribute, play-along, curate, and create unique transmedia experiences.

We are a team of emerging media experts, with proven track records for over twenty (20) years.

Let hollywood portfolio be your 'go to' team of experts, to set your company apart in the emerging transmedia marketplace.
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